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Traffic Accident Reconstruction 

Level 1 Course


Monday 17 June 2019 - Friday 28 June 2019


Toyota Head Office: Stand 1, Eastern Service Road, Wesco Park, Sandton 


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About Us

Johan Joubert, MD:  TAR Services - Applied Mathematics 

Johan Joubert is an expert in Accident Reconstruction, Accident Analysis, Cause Analysis, Interpretation of the Law and Traffic Consultant.  He has over 21.5 years specialist experience in traffic accident reconstruction including the analysis of speed trends, accident rates, the correlation between speed and accidents 

He has been responsible for Traffic Engineering Assessments for the application to the Directors Public Prosecutions throughout Southern Africa and has been involved in the development, setup and maintenance of the Johannesburg Metropolitan Accident Database.  

The experienced gained in an environment typical of a society undergoing reconstruction and development is of particular relevance. He has undertaken course work on the viability of intelligent roadblocks on on-ramps as part of the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) project, a first of its kind in South Africa.  

He has testified as an expert in traffic accident reconstruction in the Supreme Courts all over South Africa.  He has been appointed by the Road Accident Fund (RAF) as an expert in Accident Reconstruction for the fund.   

He lectures in the field of accident reconstruction, University of Stellenbosch accredited courses, throughout the world.   

He has been responsible for the drafting of the Technical Committee on Speed Prosecution (TCSP) Guidelines. 


He is  a member of the following committees/meetings/organizations:

-  TCSP subcommittee on Speed Enforcement by Camera.

-  National Traffic Safety Steering Committee

-  Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC), workshops

He published the following articles and presented papers at various International Conferences:

-  Traveling Speed and the Risk of Crash Involvement

-  Excessive Speed versus Pedestrians

-  Excessive Speed and the Intersection

-  Fatal Impact, the Physics of Speeding

-  Road Works and Road Safety in relation to Speed

-  The Analytical Basis or the Implementation of Speed Enforcement in South Arica

-  High Speed Pursuit training 

-  The Urgent Need for Specialized Training in Accident Reconstruction in South Africa

-  The use of Applied Mathematics in Determining Negligence



Mr Martin Graham -

Mechanical Vehicle Analyst  

He was the Regional Service Engineer for TACSA (TATA), Service Manager, FAW Super Trucks Workshop Manager, specializing in heavy-duty trucks.   

He compiled Expert reports and Technical Analysis for representation in Supreme Courts all over South Africa on the customer’s behalf and in conjunction with Counsel.   

He was the Product Manager at Mack Trucks.  He established the truck “Glider Kit” program in South Africa.   

He assisted in the establishment of an engine/box/axle recondition assembly line, to assist the “Glider Kit” program in competition to the ADE enforced engine program in South Africa.   

He was promoted to National Technical Assistant for Sigma Power Corporation Truck Division.  His responsibilities included liaison between SA, the USA and Japan, on all Product Design Related Problems and the implementation and monitoring of Rectification Programs for the Mack and Mitsubishi range of trucks.   

He identified Safety Related Product Failures by Warranty Code Statistics Analysis.   

He implemented and monitored Mandatory Safety Recall Programs in conjunction with manufacturers.   

He represented the National Service Division at the New Vehicle Selection Committee.  He was responsible for Armscor Product Development.  He was responsible for the Technical Update of 10 company branches in terms of Product Training, Tools and Equipment and Warranty Administration.



Dr. Louis de Villiers Roodt: 

Civil Engineering:  Road works

BEng Civil 1978, BEng Hons Civil 1984. MEng Transportation 1993, University of Pretoria

He is a professional engineer (ECSA registration number 820425).

He is a qualified civil engineer and has specialized in the design of roads.

He is an experienced in all facets of roads geometry and safety assessment, having spent more than 25 years in planning, design, construction, operations, assessment and research on road and traffic matters for a variety of employers such as consultants, local authorities, and research and teaching institutions. 

He taught as a senior lecturer in roads design and traffic safety at the University of Pretoria. 

He has acted as an expert witness in Townships Board appeals and in criminal and civil cases pertaining to transportation, traffic safety and road design.

He is currently a lecturer at the University of Stellenbosch.