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Recommended Hardware and Software





PROLINE i3 From R5999.00 Ex Vat

PPH61 MXP I3-3220

4GB Ram, 500Gb Harddrive, DVD

W7P64 Apacer $GB DDR3, 1333Mhz, LDimm PC3-10600-1

Seagate Barracuda 7200 SataGB harddrive at 6Gb\s

Proline PC's only

Foxconn Intel H61 S1155

Intel I3, 3220 DC 3.3 Ghz, 3mb S1155, 65W 1

Proline Mouse pad 1

Proline Usb powered speakers (black), 3.5mm-1

Proline M-ATX 300W-1

Proline 2 year onsite service (at build level 1)

Windows 7 Professional 32\64 bit, SP1, OEM1

Samsung 24x DVD writer, SAT OEM1




PROLINE i5 From R6999.00 Ex VAT

PH77MA, I5-357, 4GB, iTB, DVDRW, W8P64, 2YOS

Apacer 4GB DDR3, 1333Mhz LDIMM PC3-10600

Windows 8 Professional

Msi N620GT, 64B, 1GB DDR3


MSI H77MA-G43, S1155 DDR3, GB Lan, M-ATX

LG 24x DVD Writer, SATA-Bulk

Windows 8 Pro OA3 DPK 1

Proline M-ATX 300W + Branded Keyboard and mouse

Proline Usb powered speakers (black) - 3.5mm

Intel I5, 3570 QC 3.4Ghz, 6Mb S1155 HD2500 77W

WD Caviar Green 1TB, 3.5", 64MB Cache, SATA3, 6GB\s

Win Pro 8, 32\64B Eng Int OPK

2 x DVD5 + Manual

Proline Mouse pad



PROLINE i7 From R8499 Ex VAT

PPH77MI78P PPH77MA, I7-3770, 8 GB, 1 TB DVDRW W7P64

2YOS, Plain mouse pad


Apacer 4GB DDR3, 1333Mhz, LDimm, PC3-10600-2

Proline Usb Keyboard (black)

Intel Core I7-3770, 3.4Ghz, 8M Cache, LGA1155

WD Blue 1TB Sata3, 64MB Cache 3.5"

Windows 7 Professional, 32\64bit SP1 Proline only OEM

LG 24x DVD Witer Sata - Retail

Proline Usb optical mouse (black)

Proline office W 400W ATX Chassis

OEM Usb powered speakers (black) 3.5mm

MSI H77MA-G43, S1155 DDR3, GB Lan, M-ATX




Accident Reconstruction Software


FX3 is an industry leading scene diagramming software product designed for ease-of-use and to provide exactly the tools you need to complete a scene diagram quickly and efficiently.

FX3 is capable of providing innovative solutions such as SmartRooms, Linear Momentum Analysis and direct Total Station downloads.

Integrated Workspace FX3 provides an integrated workspace designed to adapt to your workflow and provide a series of simple yet powerful tools for your forensic investigation.

Tools such as SmartRoads and SmartRooms allow you to quickly diagram a scene before placing evidence. The included Total Station downloads system provides an easy way to directly download your Total Station data and connect the common descriptions. Industry specific tools such as Linear Momentum Analysis.

(MomentumFX) and CrashMath provide crash investigators with all the tools they need for calculations and analysis.

Realtime Animation Engine unlike many animation applications that take hours to "render" the animation, FX3 runs in real time, showing you the results of your work instantly.

Digital Photo Friendly FX3 allows you to import and instantly scale aerial photographs, or import a Bing Maps satellite photo for that realistic look.

PhotoFX allows you to quickly scale the photo and begin placing evidence directly on the scene with no wasted time.

2D and 3D Animation FX3 includes the capability to handle both 2D and 3D animations in order to allow you to show the whole story and ensure that your conclusions are presented effectively and professionally to your clients or the courts.

The animation is rendered in real-time, and even includes the ability to synchronize objects. Once you define two or more objects for collision, and change pre or post collision paths, the objects will meet as expected. No surprises.

3D Models FX3 contains thousands of models to-scale including vehicles, boats, trains, airplanes, landscape items, weapons, furniture and much more.

The object library is constantly expanding and updates are available to our True Partner Maintenance customers.

FX3 Features FX3 contains numerous features as part of the various editions.