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Comprehensive Reconstruction Reports 

Reconstruction Cases 


University of Stellenbosch accredited training in Traffic Accident Reconstruction, Nationally.

Reconstruction Courses 


Expertise in Traffic Law Enforcement



Traffic Engineering Assessment Reports to Directors Public Prosecutions, Nationally

Johan Joubert has been responsible for the redrafting of the Technical Committee on Speed Prosecution (TCSP) Guidelines, December 2012.   

He is member off the following committees/meetings/organizations:

TCSP subcommittee on Speed Enforcement by Camera.

National TCSP committee member

National Traffic Safety Steering Committee

Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC), workshops


Expert CCTV, Cellphone and Video Analysis

Video Analysis 


Expert Vehicle Mechanical Analysis

Martin Graham  


Expert Security Consulting Services

Basic Reservist Course: 2001

Stellenbosch SAPSPresenter: Captain B. Prins

Special Weapons and Tactics Course: 1998

Faure SAPS.  Presenter: Snr. Superintendent R.D. Orsmond

VIP Protection Course: 2004

Instructors of the SAPS Special Task Force.

Reservist Detective Organize Crime: 2004

Promoted to Detective Organized Crime, Stellenbosch SAPS


Hardware & Software Requirements 

Hardware & Software 



Comprehensive Reconstruction Reports

Determining of all physical factors that clearly define the accident including:  

- Vehicle motion before, during and after the accident

· Impact speeds and direction

· Impact points, vehicle positions

· Occupant dynamics

· Vehicle damage

· Vehicle rotation

· Accident scene markings

· Driver condition

· Roadway characteristics and other related factors  




Accident Avoidance Analysis 

Determining the physical factors that show how the accident could have been avoided or made less severe. Included is: 

- The analysis of vehicle accident avoidance potential

  (braking, steering, acceleration),

· Driver control input analysis (view field analysis, reaction time,

  type of response),

· Vehicle mechanical condition (defect caused by design, manufacture,

  maintenance, operation),

· Roadway condition (design, maintenance, signing, control devices).



Accident Causation Analysis 


Ranking of all accident causation factors based upon reasonable probability, considering driver, vehicle and environment.

Causation ranking uses previously established accident reconstruction elements.

A ranking table provides a systematic methodology for a ranking of accident causation

factors by driver, vehicle and environment. A distinction between accident causing and

contributing factors is made.