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RUSTENBURG CAS 267/03/2017

On Thursday, 09/03/2017, at approximately 08:30, an accident occurred on the N4 highway opposite the N4 Guest Lodge, involving a Scania truck with 2 semi-trailers and a V\W Polo.  1 Person seriously injured and one female deceased.  




On Saturday, 2016/07/16, at approximately 18:10, an accident occurred on the R45 Road, La Motte, Franschhoek involving a BMW and a Husqvarna motorbike.  Sadly the driver of the motorbike sustained fatal injuries during the accident.  CCTV footage was analyses to determine speed.    





On Tuesday, 15/04/2014, at approximately 11:00, an accident occurred on the R40 Hoedspruit/Phalaborwa Road involving a Toyota Landcruiser and a Toyota Corolla.  3 Persons sustained serious injuries during the accident.  




On Friday, 2015/09/18, at approximately 17:45, an accident occurred corner of Denne Street and 9 th Ave, Kraaifontein, involving A Nissan Sentra and the 8 year old Nadia Bond.  She sustained fatal injuries during the accident.  She was a pedestrian at the time of the accident. 

Johan Joubert:  Expert for the state

NPA:  Adv. Marquard of Blue Downs Regional Court. 















On 2015/05/03, at approximately 02:20, an accident occurred on Eversdal Road, Durbanville involving one vehicle that collided with a tree.  The driver of he vehicle survived but the passenger, Ms Louw sustained fatal injuries during the accident.

Johan Joubert:  Exert for the state.

Adv. Ronel De Jager (NPA)  Senior State Prosecutor, Bellville Court.

























WALVIS BAY CR 67/03/2017

On Tuesday, 16/03/2017, at approximately 20:30, an accident occurred on the B1 Road to Swakopmund, outside the Old Roadblock Station












A Toyota Prado drove into the side of a second semi-trailer drawn by a Freightliner truck.  The driver of the Toyota Prado, a female passed away on the scene.



15 Die in gruesome accident in Namia


15 people died in an accident between a minibus taxi and a truck on Friday12 February 2016 in the Oshijoto District.  

The accident occurred at approximately 16:00 on the Ondangwa - Oshivelo Road, approximately 10km from the Oshivele gate, (Red line).

TAR Services has been official appointed by the Namibian Road Safety Council and the Ministery of Safety and Security to reconstruct the accident.  Investigations is still ongoing.



GROOT AUB CR 18/11/2015

On Monday, 19/11/2015, at approximately 23:13, an accident occurred on the B1 Road between Windhoek and Groot Aub, involving a cow, a G4S Iveco truck and a Scania truck.  All 3 occupants of the G4S truck sustained fatal injuries during the accident.  The Iveco truck burned out including the R15 million thatwas being tranported at the time.   

Johan Joubert and Martin Graham eperts for the Ministry of Safety and Security.


OKAHANDJA CR 103/09/2015

On Tuesday, 29/09/2015, at approximately 06:30, an accident occurred on the B1 Road between Okahandja and Otjiwarongo, approximately 52km from Okahandja, involving an Opel Corsa and a Volvo truck.  All 4 occupants of the Opel sustained fatal injuries.  The driver of the truck sustained slight injuries during the accident.  

According to a family member his family the 4 deceased in the Opel came from South Africa, Kamoes, small town for the burial of the deceased mother.   In his vehicle was his wife, his wife’s niece, the deceased 3 children and another male.  Both vehicles were following each other the whole journey from South Africa into Namibia during the whole night.

Johan Joubert and Martin Graham experts for the Ministry of Safety and Security.


OTAVI CR 14/09/2015

On Saturday, 12 September 2015, at approximately 05:45, an accident occurred on the B1 Road between Otjivarongo and Otavi near the 52km marker, involving a Toyota double cab Hilux bakkie and a Scania truck.  

The driver of the Toyota bakkie, Mr Phillip Ndayooloka Shiimi sustained fatal injuries during the accident.  His wif, Mrs Elly Angaleni Amunyela sustained slight injuries.

Johan Joubert and Martin Graham eperts for the Ministry of Safety and Security.




Jandre Lodewyk Dippenaar, facing multiple charges related to an accident that killed 6 people on the Henties Bar Road on December 29, 2014, made a first appearance in the Regional Court in Swakopmund on Friday.  Magistrate Gaynor Poulton postponed the case to May 16, 2016 for plea and trail.

Dippenaar's lawyer, Advocate JP Theron could not be in court on Friday and made prior arrangements with State Prosecutor Hiskiel Ipinge to have the matter rescheduled.

Susan Horn, the mother of one of the deceased, Jan Carel Horn, was the first to arrive at the court and while waiting for the proceedings to start she commented that she just wanted justice to be served.

"I visited the accident site where 5 crosses have been planted next to the Henties bay Road in memory of our loved ones on Thursday and left fresh flowers.  I don't know Jandre and met him briefly when he arrivied to fetch my son in Henties Bay a day before the fateful accident," said a visibly emotional Horn.

Gertie Pretorius, the mother of deceased Dina Lavinia Pretorius, sobbed silently in court.  After Dippenaar made his first appearance Dina's father Petrus commented that the pain was made worse by the long wait for the trail.  Dippenaar is facing murder charges stemming from the collision which claimed the lives of 3 German tourists - Markus Walter Helmut Joschko (48), Alexandra Marlene Joscko (49, and Antonia Klara Joschko (16) - and 3 Namibians - Charlene Charne Schoonbee (24), Dinah Lavinia Pretorius (30) and Jan Carel Horn (27).

An FJ Cruiser that Dippenaar was driving collided head-on with a Ford ranger occupied by the German family of four and caught fire.


  The burnout wreckage of the Toyoyta FJ Cruiser. 



The wreckage of the Ford Ranger double cab bakkie.

Dippenaar is also charged with driving without a valid driver's licence.  He also faces a charge of fraud for allegedly pretending to the Roads Authority that his driving licence was lost on December 17, 2014 and inducing the Roads Authority to issue him with a duplicate without having a valid driver's licence.  Swakopmund Otis Finck.

Johan Joubert and Martin Graham eperts for the Ministry of Safety and Security.


 OKAHANDJA CR 11/11/2015

On Tuesday, 03/1/2015, at approximately 05:30, an accident occurred on the B1 Road between Otjiwarongo and Okahandja, approximately 33km to Okahandja, involving a truck and a Isuzu bakkie.  Four persons travelling in the Isuzu bakkie sustained fatal injuries during this accident. 




Johan Joubert and Martin Graham eperts for the Ministry of Safety and Security.



OTAVI CR 14/09/2015

On Saturday, 12 September 2015, at approximately 05:45, an accident occurred on the B1 Road between Otjivarongo and Otavi near the 52km marker, involving a Toyota double cab Hilux bakkie and a Scania truck. 

The driver of the Toyota bakkie, Mr Phillip Ndayooloka Shiimi sustained fatal injuries during the accident.  His wife, Mrs Elly Angaleni Amunyela sustained slight injuries.



Johan Joubert and Martin Graham eperts for the Ministry of Safety and Security.



OKAHANDJA CR 103/09/2015

On Tuesday, 29/09/2015, at approximately 06:30, an accident occurred on the B1 Road between Okahandja and Otjiwarongo, approximately 52km from Okahandja, involving an Opel Corsa and a Volvo truck.  All 4 occupants of the Opel sustained fatal injuries.  The driver of the truck sustained slight injuries during the accident. 

According to a family member his family the 4 deceased in the Opel came from South Africa, Kamoes, small town for the burial of the deceased mother.  In his vehicle was his wife, his wife’s niece, the deceased 3 children and another male.  Both vehicles were following each other the whole journey from South Africa into Namibia during the whole night.



Johan Joubert and Martin Graham eperts for the Ministry of Safety and Security.




GROOT AUB CR 18/11/2015

On Monday, 19/11/2015, at approximately 23:13, an accident occurred on the B1 Road between Windhoek and Groot Aub, involving a cow, a G4S Iveco truck and a Scania truck.  All 3 occupants of the G4S truck sustained fatal injuries during the accident.  The Iveco truck burned out including the R15 million thatwas being tranported at the time.   



Johan Joubert and Martin Graham eperts for the Ministry of Safety and Security



OTAVI CR 16/12/2014

On Friday, 19 December 2014, at approximately 20:00, an accident occurred on the B1, Main Road between Otavi and Otjivarongo, approximately 60km from Otavi involving a Scania truck tractor with 2 trailers, a Scania bus, a Toyota Hilux bakkie with trailer, a Mazda 3 and a MAN bus.

Fortuanetly only minor injureis. 



Johan Joubert and Martin Graham eperts for the Ministry of Safety and Security.





VAN REENEN CAS 19\04\2006

Johan Joubert was summoned to the North Gauteng Court on 15 November 2013, after compiling an expert report on the merits of a claim against the RAF.

The accident occurred on Saturday, 29\04\2006 at 04:30 on the N3, Van Reenen Pass.  The accident was a head-on collision between a 9,4 ton truck and a Mazda Etude.  In the Etude, the husband, his wife and an 11 month old girl died.

The older sister, 4 years old at the time, was traveling in another vehicle and was not involved in the accident.  The claim against the RAF was for the support of the 4 year old girl.  

The RAF refused to settle prior to going to court.  On the morning of the court date, the RAF decided to settle.  A cost order was issued against the RAF for all cost endured to have lodge the claim against he RAF.

Due to the excellent report compiled by Johan Joubert, the RAF, settled for the full claim amount as well as the cost order.  A happy ending to a very sad story, more than 7 years after the accident occurred.  The appointing Lawyer was Mario Coetzee Attorneys and the Advocate was Adv Calitz.  



Published November 06, 2012Associated Press



Lawyers say the driver in a 2010 crash that killed former South African President Nelson Mandela's great-granddaughter has been acquitted.

Hulme Scholes said Tuesday that 25-year-old Sizwe Mankazana was found not guilty on all counts. Mankazana faced charges of driving under the influence, reckless driving and culpable homicide.

Mankazana was driving Zenani Mandela, 13, home from the Soweto concert that kicked off the 2010 FIFA World Cup when he hit a steel barrier. Zenani died at the scene.

Scholes says the magistrate described the crash as a "freak accident," according to the South Africa Press Association. He said the state failed to identify that mechanical failure was likely caused the accident.

Zenani's grandmother Zindzi -- Nelson Mandela's daughter -- is fronting a new United Nations campaign for road safety.

Nelson's Mandela's great-granddaughter was killed in a car crash caused by a driver travelling at twice the 80km/h speed limit on a motorway, a court heard.

An accident specialist claimed the estimated speed of 162km/h led to the death of 13-year-old Zenani Mandela, who was the back-seat passenger in a car driven by Sizwe Mankazana.

The vehicle crashed into a barrier on a bend on the M1 freeway as they made their way home from a World Cup concert June 11, 2010.

Mankazana, 25, denies culpable homicide and reckless and negligent driving.

Crash specialist Craig Proctor-Parker told Johannesburg Magistrate's Court that he had judged the car's speed by looking at the skid marks with his 'naked eye' and said it was clear what had happened.

The court heard that the car was in a good condition and all three occupants were wearing seat belts, it was reported on www.timeslive.co.za.

Mankazana was a friend of the Mandela family, who were present in court, and had been driving his father's Mercedes-Benz when it crashed into a barrier. 


EVIDENCE heard in court revealed that the scene of the crash in which former president Nelson Mandela's great-granddaughter Zenani Mandela was killed could have been tainted and may have impacted the police investigation.


Her mother Zoleka Mandela was brought to tears upon hearing this at the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court yesterday. She had to be comforted by her mother Zindzi and grandmother Winnie Madikizela-Mandela outside the court.

Accident specialist Craig Proctor-Parker conceded under cross-examination in the trial of Sizwe Mankazana, the man driving the car in the crash that killed the 13-year-old girl, that the scene at the M1 and M2 interchange could have been partly "spoilt on the day" he visited it.

Mankazana, 25, has pleaded not guilty to charges of culpable homicide, reckless and negligent driving, and drunk driving.

Mankazana allegedly lost control of his father's car and hit a concrete barrier after a 2010 World Cup concert. Zenani died at the scene.

Proctor-Parker testified it was highly probable the driver was traveling at high speed and the crash was what would be defined as a "single vehicle loss of control".

"He lost control of the vehicle and hit the barricades, resulting in the car facing in an easterly direction."

However, under cross-examination by defense advocate Kenny Oldwage, Proctor-Parker said he used no assessment instruments and did not know what could have caused it.

"Are you saying you used nothing but the simple naked eye?" asked Oldwage and Proctor-Parker agreed.

"I found no [skid] marks that I could calculate," the specialist said before admitting that the scene was partly messed up and was not secured properly for him to make a proper evaluation.

Proctor-Parker also could not indicate how fast the car was going at the time of the crash.

Oldwage criticized him for relying only on the police docket to compile his report. 


August 21, 2012, Khethiwe Chelemu  


Johan Joubert:  Expert for the Mandela Family in Civil Claim 





August 25 2011 at 07:27am  

Police divers at the scene of an accident where 15 people died, 14 of them children, and 44 were injured when a school bus plunged off a bridge and into a dam in Knysna. Picture: Anoeschka von Meck


The Western Cape Education Department will investigate why a 32-seater bus was used to transport 58 school children involved in a horror crash in Knysna on Wednesday, MEC Donald Grant said.

Fourteen of the children were killed when the driver lost control of the bus on a low bridge and it plunged into a dam on the way to school. The bus driver was also killed. The remaining 44 children were injured.

"According to our records the vehicle approved for transport on this route is a bus that seats 67 learners," Grant said in a statement. 

"Sixty-five learners are registered on this route in our learner transport scheme.  However, the bus involved in today's accident is a 32-seater bus, which is usually assigned to another bus route," he said.
 There were only limited circumstances where buses could be substituted, Grant said. The children were pupils at the Rheenendal Primary School and aged between 7 and 14. 

Pojie was unable to confirm whether the brakes had indeed failed. 

President Jacob Zuma expressed his shock at the horror crash.

Carlisle was accompanied to the scene of Wednesday's crash by Grant, community safety MEC Dan Plato, and finance MEC Allan Winde - Sapa 


Mr. Martin Graham:  Testified in inquest as expert in mechanical vehicle analysis.  




15 MAR 2013 15:10  

Twenty-two people, including 2 children, have died after a bus veered off the Hex River pass near De Doorns. 


"We have confirmed that is the final number for fatalities," spokesperson for the Western Cape health department Faiza Steyn said.

Eight people, including three children, were critically injured, 14 were seriously injured and 44 sustained minor to moderate injuries, she said.

Western Cape traffic chief Kenny Africa said the bus was on its way to Cape Town when the bus driver lost control.

"There are still people trapped in the bus, as well as the driver, and we are pulling up the bus now," he said.

ER24 spokesperson Vanessa Jackson said the double-decker bus was crushed against the side of the mountain along the pass.

The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) sent its condolences to the families of those who had died.

"This is a terrible tragedy. We urge people to be extra cautious when it is raining and to follow all the rules of the road," IFP spokesperson Petros Sithole said.

"The traffic cops and police should investigate whether the bus was overloaded and if so, we would expect the necessary criminal charges to be laid against the bus driver," Sithole said. – Sapa


Mr Martin Graham:  Expert in mechanical vehicle analysis.  


De Doorns bus crash: Driver convicted

2012-10-29 21:04

Johannesburg - A Western Cape bus driver was found guilty on 23 counts of culpable homicide by the Cape Town Regional Court on Monday, SABC news reported.

Sisa Nonoma's R10 000 bail was extended and he would be sentenced on 3 December, after his conviction under a plea agreement.

He was the driver of the bus that crashed on the N1 near De Doorns in the Western Cape on 5 May 2010, leaving 23 people dead.

Charges were provisionally withdrawn against his brother, Malinga Nonoma, who was the owner of the bus. Both were initially charged with 23 counts of murder.

The bus was on its way to Cape Town with 78 passengers, instead of the 64 it was certified to carry. Sisa lost control of the vehicle on the Hex River Pass, between De Doorns and Touws River, causing it to overturn.


Bus driver convicted 






A Cape Town woman died and two police officers and five suspects who had been arrested in Du Noon were injured on Tuesday night when a car collided with police van at the corner of Koeberg and Plattekloof Roads.

An eyewitness, who asked to remain anonymous, said he was driving behind the police van at around 11pm on Tuesday and at corner of Koeberg Plattekloof Roads he had seen a VW Golf driven by a middle aged woman jumping a red robot and colliding with the police vehicle, overturning it.

The woman, and her dog which was also in the car, died on the scene, said Table View Police spokesperson Elizabeth Munro.

Munro identified the deceased woman as 33-year-old Charmaine Wijnbeek.

She had two dogs in the car, the other one fled the accident scene, said Munro.

She said the police van had five suspects in the back when Wijnbeek allegedly drove into them.

One of the five suspects sustained a broken leg while the others involved in the accident, including two police officers, sustained minor injuries and were treated at Somerset Hospital and Grootscuur Hospital, she said.

A culpable homicide docket has been opened for investigations.

Wijnbeek boyfriend Corrie Goosen was unable to comment other than to say the family was preparing funeral arrangements and needed time and space.

In another incident a 60-year-old pensioner was beaten to death in Diana Street, Sandrift in Milnerton on Tuesday afternoon.

A murder docket has been opened for investigation, police stated. — Peter Luhanga

Cape Town - The woman involved in the car crash in Milnerton that killed her and one of her two dogs has been identified as Charmaine Wijnbeek, of Burgundy Estate in Richwood.

Wijnbeek was killed when her VW Golf collided with a police vehicle that was transporting five suspects to the Milnerton police station.

The vehicles collided at a traffic light at about 10.30pm on Tuesday.

Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk said a case of culpable homicide would be opened to establish the exact cause of the accident.

“After SAPS members arrested five suspects in Dunoon, they returned to the Milnerton police station.

“On their way back, at the corner of Koeberg and Plattekloof roads, the driver of a VW Golf collided with the police vehicle,” Van Wyk said.

The crash happened in lanes where road construction was under way for rapid transit bus lanes.

Van Wyk said one of Wijnbeek’s dogs died in the crash.

“The other dog ran off and is missing.”

Witnesses can call investigating officer Colonel Douglas Muller at 021 528 3800021 528 3800 



Johan Joubert:  Expert for the NPA 




PAROW CAS 619\12\2012 

December 27 2012 at 07:55am  



Cape Town - Two Cape Town police officers were killed in a car crash while on duty on Christmas Day.

Constable Quinton Snell, 33 and Glynis Lorenzo, 38, died when their patrol van was hit by a BMW Tuesday morning.   

The BMW allegedly jumped a red light and collided with the police van in Parow just before 2am, resulting in the death of the 2 officers.

ER24’s Vanessa Jackson said the incident was one of 10 fatal road crashes across the country.

She said the accident in which the officers were killed took place in De La Rey Street early on Christmas Day.

“The details surrounding the incident are not clear, as the incident is believed to have involved a state vehicle and police are investigating,” Jackson said.

“The two occupants of the one vehicle were declared dead on scene, while the other three patients were taken to Tygerberg Hospital by ambulance for further medical care.”

According to reports,

police spokesman Frederick van Wyk said Lorenzo and Snell were on a visible policing patrol when they were killed.

He said the driver of the BMW, who had been hospitalised after the crash, would be charged with culpable homicide and reckless and negligent driving once discharged.

Van Wyk said a blood alcohol test had been performed on the driver.

Based on the test results, the driver could be charged with drunk driving.

Lorenzo’s sister, Deidre Gordon, said on Wednesday that Snell and Lorenzo had been working together since the beginning of the year and grew very close.

“They were very close to one another, they were like brother and sister, they didn’t want to be apart,” Gordon said.

She said the two had been together since she could remember and that she will miss having regular conversations with her sister.

“She was a very loveable person and was committed to her job… I will miss chatting to her, she was very supportive,” she said.

Gordon said her sister was supposed to have joined the family for lunch on Christmas Day after finishing her shift.

“The lunch was cooked by her and she was going to join us at church after her night shift; then we would come home and eat,” Gordon said.

Lorenzo was one of three girls. She was single and had no children.

As police examined the scene of the crash yesterday, a witness said that a woman, believed to be Snell’s partner, was hysterical and repeatedly shouted “you said you would never leave me” - Cape Argus 



Charge: 2 x Culpable Homicide
2 Police officers killed on Christmas Morning
Johan Joubert :  Expert for the state.
W/O Patric Heron:  Western Cape Accident Response Unit  




December 20 2012 at 10:57am 
By Natasha Prince


Cape Town - A second passenger involved in the horror crash at the V&A Waterfront 10 days ago, in which a 19-year-old lost her life, has also died.

Georgina Moreland was killed in the early hours of December 9, when the car she was in smashed into a tree in Dock Road.

Provincial police spokesman Warrant Officer November Filander confirmed on Wednesday that a second passenger, 22-year-old Rohan Roodt, had died in hospital on Tuesday “after he did not recover from his injuries”.

Filander said a case of culpable homicide was being investigated. The driver was also reported to have been seriously hurt.

It is believed that the dead were part of a group of friends that had been out for the night.

The collision occurred at about 2.40am in Dock Road at the V&A Waterfront close to the One&Only hotel.

Moreland’s mother and sister have been struggling to come to terms with the loss.

Moreland matriculated with six distinctions at St Cyprians High School, enjoyed horse riding and was popular socially, her family said.

Moreland’s mother, Louise Raynor, said she was angry with the driver.

Moreland was set to travel from the Waterfront to Camps Bay with a friend but opted to go in the BMW instead, said Raynor.

“She definitely got in because of the fancy car,” said Raynor.

Raynor said she rang her daughter’s cellphone soon after 5am on December 9 when she had not returned home.

A police officer answered her daughter’s phone and she thought “the children were in trouble”.

Moreland had a private cremation last Wednesday, but hundreds of her friends had gathered at Llandudno beach where they sang songs to remember her.


Johan Joubert:  Expert for the State
Charge:  1 x Culpable Homicide, 1 x Drink driving

Defense:  Advocate William Booth


The accused was sentenced to :-

Two years imprisonment which is suspended for a period of 5 years

In addition, the accused is sentenced to three years correctional supervision


The correctional supervision comprises of the following-

House detention for the full duration of the correctional supervision

Community Service

The accused is ordered to 576 hours of Community Service with a minimum of 16 hours per month

Treatment, development and support programmes. 




HERMANUS MAS 61\04\2012 

2012-04-12 13:13

"Give us justice for Jake" 



A cross marks the spot where 18-year-old Jake Wootton was knocked over on Wednesday 4 April. He died of his head injuries several days later.

A cross, some flowers and photographs, and a letter saying “Jake my darling, you will never be forgotten.”

This marks the spot in Dirkie Uys Street where Jake Wootton, head boy of Milnerton High School, was hit by a car on Wednesday 4 April. He sustained head injuries when he fell to the ground, and never woke up again.

Life-support machines were switched off at the Vincent Pallotti Hospital on Sunday, and a case of culpable homicide is being investigated by the Hermanus police.

According to Lieutenant Fadila September, spokesperson for the Hermanus SAPS, the accident occurred on Wednesday at around 23:30.

A group of eight young people were walking in the direction of Northcliff when they heard a car coming from behind.

Members of the group have alleged that the car was traveling at a high speed.

However, a source close to the driver has denied that he was speeding.

September said the youngsters, who had been walking in the middle of the road, split up and moved to either side of the road.

“Jake Wootton was hit by the driver’s side of the vehicle and knocked over,” September said.

According to Hanli Grant, mother of one of the girls in the group and the group’s hostess for the evening, one of the boys had ER24’s number on his phone; he made the call, and the ambulance was on the scene within minutes.

Jake was stabilized at a local hospital, after which he was transferred to Vincent Pallotti in Cape Town.

Grant said Jake’s friends were extremely traumatized by the incident. “He was a very popular boy. We only met him that day, but he made a very good impression.”

Allegations have been made that the driver was under the influence of alcohol. The letter pinned to the fence even says that Jake “was knocked over by a drunk driver”.

However, no blood samples were taken of either the driver of the car or the victim.

Asked why no one had been tested, September said an investigation into this very question had been launched.

The family of the driver has been cautioned by their lawyer not to speak to the media.

However, the passengers in the car have denied the claim that the driver had been over the limit.

Steve Wootton, Jake’s father, said the support the family has received has been overwhelming. He had a positive story to tell: the family decided to donate Jake’s liver and kidneys.

“His liver went to a young girl from Johannesburg who was flown down to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

“On 9 April, she woke up on her third birthday with a new liver and, possibly, a new life.”

Wootton said he and his family now just want to see justice done.

“We’re not looking for revenge. It won’t bring Jake back. We have to come to terms with his death and accept it. We don’t want to see another young life ruined. We just want to see justice run its course.”

Jake is survived by his father, his mother Sue, and his sister Leigh.


Friends of Milnerton High School head boy Jake Wootton, who was buried on Tuesday, claim police declined to breathalyse the driver who mowed down the 18-year-old and officers told them things were done “differently” in Hermanus.

Jake died when a car ran him over him in Hermanus during the Easter weekend.

The police’s conduct in responding to the accident has come under the spotlight with the provincial transport department saying that it was indicative of a far wider-ranging problem with the police’s capacity to respond timeously, effectively and thoroughly to road traffic crashes.

Jake’s mother, Sue Wootton, earlier told the Cape Argus that the driver was arrested after the crash and released the same day because blood samples were not taken within the required two hours.

On Tuesday, hundreds of people gathered at the View Church in Table View to pay a final tribute to Jake

. Many of his friends wore wetsuits to celebrate their friend’s love for body boarding.

In a series of emotional eulogies by family and friends, a picture of a socially conscious, empathetic, mature, diligent and sensitive young man emerged.

“As a result of this, of who Jake was, his passing has left a big empty space in our hearts and in the leadership of our school. Milnerton High will mourn one of its favourite sons for a very long time,” said Paul Besener, Wootton’s principal.

Besener said, after the service, that the school’s trauma counsellors had had their hands full with assisting Milnerton High’s 1 100 grieving pupils.

After the service, the congregation gathered for a wake and a “paddle out” at the Big Bay Life Saving Club. After a ritual of splashing and the floating of a wreath, the surfers caught a succession of waves in Jake’s honour.

At the wake,

Bradley Cacela and Jamey Forknall, two of Jake’s friends who were with him shortly before the accident, described how they had been standing with him in a group of eight or nine friends on Dirkie Uys Street in Hermanus.

“Somebody called that a car was coming, but we didn’t pay much mind because the car was approaching from the opposite side of the road; we just moved into the bus stop,” said Jamey.

When a second, more urgent warning was sounded, the group jumped out of the way, to avoid the car smashing into them, but Jake was hit.

The car had reportedly veered across the oncoming lane and on to the shoulder on the opposite side of the road.

“The guy hadn’t even braked before the impact,” said Jamey.

“The first thing he said was ‘I’m not drunk,’ and he had a really aggressive attitude towards us,” said Bradley, who added that he could smell alcohol on the driver’s breath.

“He was more concerned about the state of the car than that of Jake who was lying in the road.”

They phoned an ambulance (which arrived within five minutes) as well as the police. By the time they left the scene, 10 to 15 minutes later, the police had not arrived. It was only at the hospital that police first liaised with the group of friends.

“They treated us with contempt, almost as though the accident was our fault,” said Bradley. “And when we suggested that they breathalyse the driver (who had accompanied the group of friends to the hospital) one of the officers said that this wasn’t Blouberg and that things were done differently around here.”

Police had not responded to the Cape Argus’ inquiry into the case at the time of going to print.

Stephen Wootton, Jake’s father, referring to the driver who hit his son, said: “I want to see someone answer for my son’s death, but I also don’t want to see another young person’s life ruined by this incident. I’ve heard, however, that the police did not conduct the initial phases of the investigation according to protocol, and that makes me unhappy.”

The Western Cape transport department’s Hector Elliot agreed that the police’s conduct was inadequate.

“The case of Jake Wootton is a tragedy. It is, however, indicative of a far wider-ranging problem with SAPS’s capacity to respond timeously, effectively and thoroughly to road traffic crashes.”

Elliot said that while there were many instances of individual excellence in this regard, the overall picture appeared to be exceedingly dismal.

“It is a strong contributor to the culture of lawlessness that prevails on our roads,” he said.

The SAPS’s response times can vary, said Eliott. In Jake’s case, this led to the suspect being able to leave the scene before the police arrived.

Once on the scene, many officers don’t know what to do, added Eliott.

“They do not assist victims or survivors or establish incident control.

“They do not sanitize the scene or create witness contact lists. They repeatedly fail to obtain blood samples and other evidence from the scene.

“Finally, the follow-up investigation by police into the crash is often inadequate.

“Crash and mechanical investigations into the circumstances of an accident are rarely carried out.

“The net result is that the prosecution service, which is not without its own capacity challenges, is not provided with the materials to put together strong cases in a timely fashion.

“Killer drivers can get off without facing the consequences of their actions, particularly if they can afford a seasoned criminal lawyer of the type that appear routinely when the children of the wealthy kill people with their parents’ cars,” said Eliott.

Eliott said the Department of Transport and Public Works has been working closely with the Department of Community Safety, and has defined a research project to be carried out into SAPS responses to road traffic crashes in the Western Cape. - Cape Argus 



Charge:  Culpable Homicide 

Johan Joubert:  Expert for the State 

Advocate Billy Downer
Deputy Director Public Prosecutions Cape Town