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Traffic Accident Reconstruction

What to do in an event of an accident.

Persons killed or seriously injured:

You have to concentrate on getting well and the burial of your next of kin, but it is extremely important to contact a lawyer and contact us to investigate and reconstruct your accident asap.  This is especially true when you are the innocent party.    

The sooner we can attend to an accident scene , the more fatal information we can obtain. 

We can assist you with:

Please be advised that we are not hired guns and will only state the facts of the matter.____________________________________________________________________________

TAR Services Functions

 TAR Services Experts, Mr Johan Joubert  (Accident Reconstruction, Applied Mathematics Accident Scene, Vehicle Dynamics Expert) and Mr Martin Graham (Mechanical Vehicle Analysis, Vehicle Dynamics and Accident Scene Expert) are both considered as experts in the High Courts in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana).

TAR Services is the only company in South Africa that has both a Reconstruction, Applied Mathematical, Cause Analysis, Physics, Vehicle Dynamics, Interpretation of the Law and  a Mechanical Analysis experts.

Our expertise includes, Pedestrian, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Motor vehicle, Heavy Vehicle and Train Accidents.

Criminal Cases

TAR Services experts are frequently used by the National Prosecution Authority (NPA), Senior Public Prosecutors (SPP), to assist the state prosecution arriving from motor and truck accidents.  Here we are required to investigate and reconstruct traffic accidents where our reports are used for prosecution purposes. 

TAR Services are also frequency used by defence attorneys and defence advocates to defend their clients in criminal matters arising  from vehicle accidents. 

It however has to be stressed that TAR Services are not hired guns and any case depends on the merits of the case and the physical evidence.


Civil Cases

Many criminal cases leads to cases against the Road Accident Fund (RAF).  TAR Services experts are then asked to reconstruct accident to determine the cause of the accident as well as the degree or percentage negligence or contributing negligence from the drivers involved.

TAR Services experts however also defend the Road Accident Fund (RAF) in cases where the driver has no claim according to the merits of the case or even in false claims against the RAF.


Insurance Claims

TAR Services assist many insurance companies including Hollard Insurance, OUTsurance and SANTAM in claims against them where the claimant is suspected of driving his\her vehicle recklessly at the time of suffering the damages to his\her vehicle. 

Although persons take out insurance to cover them for negligence, insurance companies have the right to refuse a claim if it can be proven that the claimant were under the influence of alcohol or drove his vehicle reckless at the time of the accident.

TAR Services are also called as experts in Arbitration where two Insurance companies cannot agree on who's client were responsible for an accident and in order to reduce litigation costs, these cases are referred for arbitration. 


Insurance Fraud

TAR Services are also involved in the investigation of false claims against insurance companies where assessors, tow-in companies, scrap yards  operators and repair shops are involved in. 

Most of these cases involves false claims for vehicle parts or inflated repair quotes.  In these cases having an Expert in Mechanical Analysis as TAR Services has, is vital.


Private claims

TAR Services also assist individuals that has been conned by vehicle repair shops for inflated quotes or where the quality of work done was inferior. In these cases having an Expert in Mechanical Analysis as TAR Services has, is vital.